A healthcare company guided by integrity

Corporate Responsibility

A healthcare company guided by integrity

At Luqa Pharmaceuticals, our mission and vision is first and foremost guided by integrity. We are committed to upholding high ethical standards in all aspects of our business and treating our employees, shareholders, and partners with the utmost respect. In order to ensure achievement of these objectives, LuqaPharmaceuticals has established various methods of confidential communication for our employees, vendors and others to report suspected violations of laws, rules, regulations or company policies.Above all, we believe that we have a responsibility to do the right thing for the patients who benefit from our products.

Corporate giving

We are engaged

We are dedicated to providing support to, and wish to play an active role in, the community.

Educational grants and charitable support

Supporting. Giving. Caring.

We take pride in supporting educational grants for the improvement of patient care and supporting the goals of professional, charitable, educational, and patient-focused organizations.

Patient assistance program

Special Access Programs

We help qualified patients obtain Luqa products prescribed by their healthcare providers.


Fostering communication and outreach

Good promotional communication informs health care professionals, patients and payers about the benefits and risks of medicines. Luqa Pharmaceuticals is committed to ensuring that our advertising and marketing practices responsibly meet the needs of patients, doctors and other stakeholders in the health care system.

We continue to carry out strong programs to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing the sales, marketing and promotion of our pharmaceutical products. The company’s commitment to ethical behavior is implemented through comprehensive compliance policies, employee training and monitoring programs and an open-door policy for reporting suspected violations.