Advanced Medical
Tailored to the needs of China

Innovative Research and Development

Effective Solutions

Innovation at the heart of our business. At Luqa we focus on meeting the needs of patients and physician and our commitment is to provide a broad range of new medical solutions with a high level of safety and efficacy.

Physicians and patients prefer our trusted manufacturer brands and through our expanded sales force, we are building relationships with, and providing support for the community.

Our innovative products help patients in the treatment of a range of therapeutic areas including scar therapy, skin infections, skin repair, wound healing or gastric and oral discomfort. Our portfolio includes a number of leading products in both prescription and consumer fields.

Our pipeline continues to be a prolific source of new products. One major product from our pipeline, to launch in 2016 is Stratamed®, a first of its kind topical gel for the prevention and treatment of scars, for which there is a significantly large market.

Other key Luqa products include Strataderm (scar therapy), Endocare for skin repair and Ialuxid, an innovative non-antibiotic device for treatment of skin infections.

Through new product development, growth of existing brands, strategic acquisitions and collaborative relationships Luqa has established itself as one of the largest prescription and consumer dermatology companies in China and is rapidly growing its footprint in the gastro-intestinal field. We continue to build a broad portfolio offering across a number of categories in fast-growing segments.

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Our most important responsibility

A constant priority at Luqa is strict compliance with worldwide standards in quality, safety and environment, and we take pride in the fact that these are an integral part of our company’s everyday work. Our products have been approved by the regulatory authorities of Europe, USA and China.

We monitor all the supply activities. Luqa’s manufacturing is spread across sites in the European Union and North America. All sites that supply products for Luqa are regularly audited by health authorities to ensure maximum safety standards.

Luqa’s distribution system is designed to ensure our products reach our users in the fastest and most cost-effective way, whilst ensuring full traceability at all times. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our products whilst ensuring they are delivered in the optimal storage conditions along the whole distribution process. The only way to ensure your product purchase is genuine is to purchase it through authorized medical practices. Products sold through the unauthorised channels or websites are diverted and therefore may be diluted, expired or counterfeit. Additionally, they may not be safe to use or perform as tested. If you have any doubts, we encourage you to contact us.

Regarding the adverse event report, Luqa follows CFDA regulations and Luqa internal policy. Any unintended adverse events (AE) or Serious Adverse Event (SAE) please contact our experts directly (jwang@luqapharma.com)


Addressing medical needs

The beauty of life.

All of our products are ideally part of a medically supervised treatment regimen. Just as your physician plays a key role in helping addresscauses and symptoms of disease, he or she plays an important role in helping youmaintain good overall health. Skin health, oral health or gastric health is sessential to quality of life and to enhance the health-and beauty-of your inner and outerself.

For optimal results, consult your physician to:

  • Help determine which treatment regimen is best for you based on your condition, previous procedures and lifestyle
  • Analyze your lifestyle routine and help you understand what’s working
  • Help determine what you can do to furtherenhance your well being and the health-and beauty-of your inner and outerself.

The clinical efficacy of all Luqa’s products, either medical devices, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals have been confirmed through the highest standards of clinical research and follow the rigoruous standards of healthcare products. Furthermore, the efficacy of the products has been tested and used in Chinese patients for many years.


The next generation silicone gel for scar therapy

Clinically proven, superior treatment for old and new scars, with innovative technology from Switzerland.

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Advanced skin regeneration

Advanced skin regeneration with innovative technology from Spain.

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